KMA Talk Radio Episode 461 – May 21, 2022

It’s been a while since we had the chance and sit down with our friends Danny and Arielle from La Sirena Cigars. 

This weekend we took a deep dive into the passion that makes their brand so successful. We touched on the manufacturers they partner with and the different attributes each one brings to the blends they create for La Sirena. 

While traveling, Abe AND Danny both had flight issues, so Abe joined us from his childhood home and Danny from Vegas. Don’t miss an impromptu tour of Abe’s childhood bedroom!

This show is a must for our listeners to really get to know the passionate folks behind the La Sirena brand. 

Check out the episode on, Facebook or iTunes now to check it out for yourself. Don’t miss this weeks Name that Jam presented by AVO cigars, The Scoop with Coop, Tale of the Tape Season 4 and our new segment“Would You Rather” presented by Gurkha Cigars… all on this weeks episode of KMA Talk Radio!